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The main objective of the project is to improve the capacity of the responsible structures for crisis response caused by natural disasters and industrial accidents in the Municipality of Dobrich and the County of Calarasi, by developing a joint Strategy and Action Plan for how to proceed and what measures should be undertaken, when there is a risk of natural or industrial disasters and to minimize their effects when they occur.

The following specific objectives will be achieved through the implementation of the key activities of  Project ROBG 415 “Joint Risk Management and Partnership in the border region Calarasi- Dobrich":

Combining capacity and expertise on both sides of the border to find the best solutions for mitigation of the adverse effects of natural disasters, industrial accidents and crises in the Dobrich and Calarasi districts;

Establishing a way of cooperation between the Parties, including all responsible structures, for the purpose of carrying out joint missions, related to their functions in the event of an emergency that may affect a settlement, group of territories or the whole cross-border territory;

Strategic organization and planning of measures for the protection of the population, reduction of human and economic losses in such situations.

Project’s Budget: 800 216,17 euro
Lead Partner  518 237,11 euro
Partner 3 281 979,06 euro
Implementation period:  13 march 2019 - 12 March 2021

Project ROBG 415
“Joint Risk Management and Partnership in the border region Calarasi- Dobrich" implemented under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020

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