Strategy and Action plan during crisis

Strategy and Action plan during crisis

A joint Strategy and Action Plan will be developed, for joint actions against flood and other natural disasters. Common issues of cross-border cooperation will be analyzed and common solutions identified.

The Strategy and Action Plan will be developed after consultations with the project team members, target groups’ representatives and representatives of public authorities with responsibilities in the field of: police, gendarmerie, border police, emergency unit, non-governmental organizations, and companies.

Creating a joint Strategy and Action Plan for this work package is critical to the successful implementation of the project, including:

  • Identification and verification of the required operational capabilities at the level of all structures involved in managing transboundary emergencies;
  • Verification of the viability of the implementation of the Joint Procedure between ESI / Romania and Bulgaria under the Joint Risk Management Strategy framework in the cross-border region;
  • Verification of the feasibility of the forms developed under the Joint Action Plan ESI / Romania and Bulgaria;
  • Analysis of cooperation between participating forces, identification of conditions for event management and involvement of all participating institutions in solving specific situations;
  • Effectiveness of cooperation during joint interventions by the intervention structures and logistical structures for support and communication of both parties;
  • Ensuring coordination of forces and resources and establishment of the flow of information and solutions, logistical and financial security;
  • Establishing some action lines to ensure joint intervention in the event of an emergency involving the participation of certain categories of forces and assets belonging to the neighboring country in the accomplishment of the mission, as follows: receiving the request for assistance and obtaining additional information; consideration of the appropriateness of providing support under the regulatory framework;
  • notification of the support requested; acceptance of organizational arrangements for the organization of the mission; coordination of structures; provision of a contact manager;


Project ROBG 415
“Joint Risk Management and Partnership in the border region Calarasi- Dobrich" implemented under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020

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