Training on the project on the territory of Dobrichka municipality

Practical implementation of various rescue exercises in Dobrichka municipality

On the first day, 29 August 2022. a ten-member team from the management of the Calarasi County Emergency Inspectorate “Barbu Stirbey” (Romania) arrived in Dobrich today. It is led by Colonel Ionel Rushkareanu, deputy inspector general. Within the framework of the theoretical part, the information flow between RDPBZN-Dobrich and Urga-Calarasi Romania was established. A briefing was held with leaders from both sides in the exercise. As well as reconnaissance of the sites where the field exercise will take place tomorrow.

At a working meeting, the partners also discussed the next joint activities under the project, one of which is a similar exercise, which will be held in Romania in October.

On the second day the practical part of the simulation was carried out, taking into account the requirement in the technical specification for the second day to have practical implementation of various rescue exercises in Dobrichka municipality, with logistics from external expertise and Regional Directorate for fire safety and protection of the population.

Rescue teams from the regional directorate "fire safety and protection of the population" demonstrated their participation in extinguishing a forest fire in the region of the Odrintsi dam. Then they showed water supply to the forest fire crews. They were joined by their colleagues from Romania with strength and equipment.

The rescue of the injured people from a car that fell into the dam as a result of the smoke was shown by an Alpine method and a winch. As well as rescuing two fishermen from a small boat that crashed into the tower of the dam due to smoke. The equipment purchased for the project was used. In the rescue of one of the fishermen, who had fallen into the dam, firefighters from Romania, who had undergone a first-aid course, were also involved. Rescuers from Bulgaria and Romania together carried the victim on a stretcher to the CMP ambulance.

The head of the exercise was Chief Inspector Tihomir Katrandzhiev – head of the "fire and rescue" sector at the RDPBZN. The Romanian teams were led by Colonel Ionel Rushcareanu, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Calarasi County Emergency Inspectorate. A team from Dobrichka Municipality, headed by Deputy Mayor Rumyana Ivanova, also attended the exercise. Officials from the municipality were involved in providing clearings so that the fire could be put out. Teams of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior took part in the exercise, which were committed to cordoning off the area and to warn the residents of the village of Edrinci living near the area of the fire.

Very high praise was given to the organization and implementation of the training.

After the end of the simulation, the guests from Calarasi visited the Regional Directorate "fire safety and protection of the population" and visited the Museum of fire work.

A team of the Calarasi County Emergency Inspectorate “Barbu Stirbey” (Romania) arrived in Dobrich to conduct an exercise together with its Bulgarian partners.

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